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Mail and Document Tracking Solutions

Datamation Systems offers accountable mail solutions to track incoming mail, messenger deliveries and assets.  Whether you receive 50 pieces of mail or need to manage several mail centers, we have the right solution.


Datamation Systems is a recognized leader in the development and distribution of mail, document and asset tracking solutions.  We introduced the first commercial accountable mail system in 1987 for a major bank.  This system used the latest development software, barcode scanners and, eventually, voice recognition.  As the years progressed, we developed systems for many of the major banks and brokerage firms in the Northeast and many government agencies.  As technology changed, so did our solutions.  In all cases, we maintained that technology should address the specific needs of our clients and be as user friendly as possible.


We currently provide several tracking solutions, including our own Mail Tracking Systems and products from various other manufacturers.  We also offer several custom modules to help automate and manage incoming HR data, track packages across an entire enterprise and record items quickly at the dock.






Mail Tracking System (MTS)


MTS is a great solution for small and medium size operations, typically less than ten workstations.  It's extremely easy to use, robust and has built in client/server capabilities.  One client began with two workstations and eventually expanded to our full-blown client/server version with 15 workstations.  This was done with no loss of data, no additional training and minimal installation.  


MTS also offers many benefits including scanning packages from the dock, auto-discriminate between various types of barcodes,  receive/sort, manifest to paper or Palm and capture proof of delivery (POD) using Palms (electronic signatures).  As noted before, MTS is very cost effective for smaller operations which don't require a full blown client/server.  MTS is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows XP and VM.  MTS works uses the Symbol SPT1800 scanner for signature capture.


For clients that need an immediate solution but are unable to budget a full purchase, Datamation offers a rent-to-purchase program.  The program has no termination penalties after 90 days. 


For complete details, go to MTS Receiving System


TekTrack Inbound Receiving System


TekCore is setting the standard for inbound package tracking systems with its latest release of TekTrack®. TekTrack is an easy-to-use tracking system that lets you track your packages in real time… anytime, anywhere. TekTrack provides benefits such as: mobile & desktop support, carrier integration, web-browser interface, alerts, e-mail notifications, reports, signature & image capturing, enhanced security, and many more. Learn how TekTrack can help maximize your tracking efficiency while minimizing errors..  


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WINN Solutions


WITS was introduced in the late 1980's as a DOS application.  We actually offered the system on two 5 1/4" floppy disks! Today, WITS is a complete web solution that can be hosted by Winn Solutions or on your own corporate enterprise Intranet.  WITS offers customizable screens, automated import of HR data and queries across the entire enterprise.  WITS is an ideal solution when a company needs support for multiple mail centers (across the country or international) and can only integrate using a corporate web server. 


For clients that don't want to commit to the long term purchase of any receiving technology, WITS can be rented on a monthly basis with a one year commitment.  This arrangement provides ongoing support, remote hosting and all latest versions. 


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Custom Solutions


Datamation Systems offers custom solutions which we also make available to our other clients.  These solutions are client driven to address specific needs.  Call or email us to discuss your application. 

As with all its mail management software solutions, Datamation Systems offers onsite training and installation.  Most clients also use Datamation’s support services which provide guaranteed service response times and hourly rates based on pre-purchased service agreements.  In order to make systems attractive to facilities management clients, rental agreements and leasing options are available to match their own facility service agreements.

If you would like information on any of the package and mail tracking solutions we offer, fill out this form, drop us an e-mail or give us a call

Follow this link for more information on our many other mail room software solutions for inventory control and managing HR data.

Dag Gonzalez.

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