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It is surprising when something as simple and familiar as reusable bags and pouches can still solve many challenges in the mail center. Organizations that send mail and other items to branch offices or offsite facilities can efficiently and economically use reusable bags and pouches. These same pouches can have valuable security uses.

Bags and pouches come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and can be customized for any operation. They can be turned inside out with a reversible color for immediate recognition if an item incoming or outgoing.

As mail centers become more and more aware of security issues, security bags are a critical tool. They can be closed using just a zipper (if transported via your organizationís own staff) or they can be closed using safety seals. Seals can be plain, numbered and/or have a bar code imprinted on them for tracking and control purposes. Many seals are tamper-evident; some even meet the standards of law-enforcement agencies for evidence storage.

Corporate logos or other printing can be included as well as different types of handles. In addition to being environmentally friendly, most manufactured bags and pouches can last a very long time, offering organizations considerable savings over disposable containers. Most manufacturers also include warranties with their bags and pouches.

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